Mold Assessments & Testing

Concerned your home or workplace may have elevated levels of mold? Nefcor offers affordable mold assessments and testing services. Beginning with scheduling, a Nefcor technician will work with you to identify your specific concerns and unique situation. Assessments will begin with a detailed visual inspection for mold growth and moisture entry points. Humidity levels and areas of concern will be noted and recorded.

Air and surface sample mold testing can be completed along with a visual assessment. Each test includes a minimum of two indoor samples and one outdoor control sample. Control samples are critical to the testing process as they help provide a baseline for indoor mold counts. Samples are taken by a trained Nefcor technician and sent to an independent lab for analysis. Results with a detailed explanation can be expected in as little as 72 hours. In the event that test results indicate elevated or concerning mold counts, Nefcor can provide a consultation and estimate for removal steps upon request.

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