It’s summertime in Kentucky! Go for a swim, enjoy being outdoors and celebrate the joys of air conditioning! We hope your summer bucket list is full of memory making activities, but summer also comes with its own set of chores. Mowing the grass, summer planting, and HVAC maintenance all top the list, but don’t forget the crawlspace. The high heat and humidity can quickly take a toll on the space beneath your home.

High temperatures and humidity can cause mold growth, damage to insulation, pest infestation, and eventually impact the structure itself.

1. MOLD only needs a few things to take hold and grow out of control. Moisture from unsealed vents and high humidity can easily provide enough moisture to get the process going. Condensation from ductwork can also create areas of standing water. Wood from subflooring, wooden joists, trash, and dirt floors each provide plenty of organic materials for food. Left unchecked mold and moisture can eat away at structural components causing wood rot and structural instability.

2. INSULATION that is repeatedly exposed to moisture through humidity or standing water will act like a sponge. It retains moisture and holds it against wood components such as subflooring or floor joists accelerating rot and mold growth. Insulation will also become heavy and begin to fall. This prevents it from doing its job and will lead to a decrease in energy efficiency. Hanging insulation also provides a desirable home for mice and other pests that can cause further damage.

3. PESTS AND ODOR from a crawlspace with moisture intrusion or hanging insulation can have a negative impact on your living space. Water, rotting wood, and fallen insulation provide food sources and nesting materials for insects and rodents looking for a place to call home. These pests and the odors that accompany them can eventually make their way up inside your home causing yet another headache.

4. STRUCTURAL components like piers and floor joists can be impacted by the high humidity or standing water from condensation. Wood rot can be extensive and very expensive to repair. The damage may not stay contained to the crawlspace either. Warm humid air will rise and make its way into the living space or attic leading to warped flooring, mold growth, and further damage in the upper levels or attic through a stack effect.

Nefcor specializes in crawlspace solutions specific to the needs of your home. A detailed consultation will help identify areas of concern and provide realistic, affordable solutions to help keep your crawlspace and your home functioning properly.

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